The Hacienda Suites

Palm Springs
A Gay Mecca

Today over 55 percent of Palm Springs’ residents are reported to be gay. This means Palm Springs has the highest per capita ratio of gay residents than any other US city, including San Francisco. The Palm Springs City Council has a majority of Council Members who are gay or lesbian, including Palm Springs’ Mayor. Many of Palm Springs businesses are owned by gays -- the boutique retail shops, restaurants, bars, as well as a great number of the general service providers (painters, flooring and renovation companies, handymen, electric repairmen, among others).

The city of Palm Springs is gay friendly in the extreme. In fact, when going to the grocery store, you can bump into your doctor, your painter, a restaurant owner and in the process catch up on all of the important community news. Where else in America can you be part of such a close-knit gay-friendly community.

Palms in Palm Springs

Palm Springs also is a favored place to live, because of the city’s incredibly beautiful environment. The dominating San Jacinto Mountain Range creates a magnificent backdrop for Palm Springs’ beautiful vistas. The impressive mountain views change throughout the day from glorious hues of morning bright reddish colors to various shades of brown in the evenings as the setting sun drops behind the mountain’s highest peaks. And at the Aerial Tramway Station on top of the mountain, at an elevation of 8,516 feet off the valley floor, is the Mount San Jacinto California State Park. This wilderness area of Alpine topography, which many times in winter is snow covered, has jagged rocky outcrops and gnarled pines that form a pristine landscape for cross country skiing or hiking on miles of trails.

In terms of weather, Palm Springs’ climate is difficult to top anywhere in the world. Warm temperatures and clear sunny skies are two of the favorite attractions for life in this Gay Mecca. The desert climate is known for its clear dry air and low humidity. Rainfall averages less than 6 inches per year, and the sun shines an average of 354 days per year.

Typical Palm Springs houses, no matter the price level, have their pool in private enough settings for swim-suit free tanning and swimming. Lush tropical landscaping compliments many private back yards and pool areas.

Not to be left untold, the Native American spirit is an attraction Palm Springs emotionally registers, especially it seems, with gays. The ancient Aqua Caliente Indian Tribe has lived in the Coachella Valley for hundreds of years. The Tribe believes Palm Springs lays above direct access portals to the most celebrated of all resources – the mystical and powerful underworld where spiritual healers historically are believed to have acquired their strength and serenity. Many areas of Palm Springs are considered sacred Caliente Indian grounds. Some of these notable sacred places include the Indian Canyons and Tacquitz Canyon to name only two. In Indian culture, the Indian healers were their spiritual leaders or medicine men, sometimes referred to as Shamans. Indian culture refers to the Shamans as ‘two-spirit people’ given their intrinsic maleness and femaleness which is totally entwined to form one body. To residents, there is a spirit which resonates in Palm Springs today. Upon visiting Palm Springs for the very first time, many gays sense this emotional spiritual feeling and an overall positive sense of well being -- a ‘connection’ with the environment of Palm Springs. This positive feeling, we believe, is from the ancient Shaman two-spirits connecting with us and welcoming us to the magical town of Palm Springs.

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