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Pillow Menu

As a luxurious, extra special, comfort amenity, we provide a menu of pillow options for our guests' individual selection. Getting the pillow "right" is the essence of a good night's sleep. As in selecting a fine wine, choose the pillow that is right for you and your perfect night's sleep.

Lay your head to rest at The Hacienda and Sweet Dreams...


The Hacienda Feather Pillow - Billed by the manufacturer as "the world's finest hypo-allergenic pillow." Down-like comfort fill duplicates the characteristics of down.


The Preferred "Secret" Pillow of the Orient - Natural buckwheat hulls ventilate the head and keep you cool and comfortable. The pillow adjusts to fit your unique needs and helps reduce neck pain and muscle tension.


The Double Core Pillow - Supports your neck in its most natural position. Provides proper alignment of the spine by restoring the spine to its normal curve.


The Air Core Pillow - Air-pump adjustable to increase support for the neck region.


The Therapeutica Pillow - Provides "therapy for healthy sleep through correct spinal alignment" and is also snore reducing. This is the only sleeping pillow recommended and endorsed by the American Chiropractic Association.


The Leg Spacer Pillow - Fits between your legs to provide positioning support for sleeping. Helps relieve pressure and strain on lower back, knees and ankles.


The Tummy Comforter Pillow - The answer for comfortable sleeping on your stomach and eliminating strain on the back. The abdominal notch was designed to reduce pressure on the abdomen when resting on the stomach.